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About Us

In the year 110 of the Republic of China, Chairman Chen Haoren established X-MART. With the thriving electronics industry and a rising elderly population in need of care, there's been an increase in new immigrants and Southeast Asian residents. At X-MART, we've crafted a retail system catering to the needs of migrant workers, offering various daily essentials. Evolving into a global lifestyle hub, we've responded to market demand by opening numerous stores. Explore a different kind of shopping experience at X-MART!

Physical Store Expansion
X-Mart has expanded with physical stores in Hsinchu and Kaohsiung. Committed to systematic growth, we prioritize professionalism, focus, and unwavering dedication. Our commitment extends to delivering excellent service and developing high-quality products.
Taste Innovation
Discover innovation at its finest with X-MART's remarkable coffee brand, X-CAFE. Indulge in the authenticity of their black coffee and exquisite lattes. Partnering with local farmers, they've perfected a top-ranking fruit shaved ice. Elevate your taste experience with X-MART – a blend of quality and innovation that's truly irresistible!​​
Technology Advancement
Well ECommerce Ltd. is dedicated to technological advancement, seamlessly integrating online, offline, and cutting-edge technologies to enhance and enrich the customer experience. We actively collaborate with internationally renowned enterprises, absorbing concepts and technologies for global operations. Striving relentlessly towards the goal of becoming one of the world's largest chain exotic stores.
Store Aesthetics & Safety
X-MART collaborates with listed companies, ensuring meticulous attention to store design, fire regulations, and layout for a professional, bright, and safe environment.
Feels Like Home
Since expanding, X-MART has become a beloved spot, drawing a lively crowd daily. Customers gather to enjoy our carefully crafted delights in a cozy setting, hoping to evoke a warm sense of home.
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