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Company Sustainability

X-MART is committed to establishing a sound social welfare and peaceful system, promoting education, reducing societal inequalities, and supporting gender equality. In terms of energy and resources, the aim is for everyone to have access to clean and hygienic energy. Additionally, the company hopes to create social employment opportunities, foster continuous industry innovation, and maintain the quality of life in communities and cities.

X-MART encourages rational consumption, responsible production by businesses that do not harm the environment, and avoiding overproduction. The company is dedicated to conserving the ecosystems on land, in the sea, and in the air, as well as mitigating the impact on climate and the environment. X-MART is committed to achieving sustainable and effective social operations.



100% Biodegradable Materials

X-MART collaborates with Bamboo Taiwan to reduce plastic usage and increase the use of biodegradable materials. Bamboo Taiwan, an environmental brand based in Taiwan, is dedicated to developing and producing biodegradable single-use products made from natural fibers, promoting self-care and environmental well-being.

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Young Store Manager Day!


X-MART partners with local schools, offering students hands-on experiences in the daily work of store managers and staff. From planning day trips to exploring different professional skills, the aim is to provide children with positive and practical insights.

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